Most of the people like to live in the best class innovative house so that it will make them comfortable. There are three types of top used window models are used like the Tilt & Turn windows, Norma Series windows, Hopper Series windows and many more. Nowadays many houses have the Urban-Dore Tilt & Turn type window because of the classic dual actions. The cross flow type ventilation is also very simple for using the handle and this is also compatible for the multiple locking points and for the dual seal construction. The Tilt & Turn UPVC windows model is also popular for residences, commercial, multi stored buildings and many more. Normally the 2400mm high x 1400mm wide for the windows are selected for this model.




UPVC Windows Systems that can stretch from the floor to the ceiling and span balconies adding a sense of space to living areas.

  • A home without noise, pollution, wind, rain and dust the way its should be.
  • Sealed from top to bottom with a combination of double seals, silicon seals between the wall & the window.
  • Enhanced insulation and a substantial saving in air conditioning cost.
  • Changes the character of each room.
  • The special system prevents air pressure from pushing the rainwater indoors.
  • The windows system are modular in nature like a lego set – colour options like rich wooden finish , paint options from pallete, seamless combination, large size.
  • Sashes slide within a frame.
  • Options of two track, three and four track frames for various opening requirements.
  • Options of Windows and doors.
  • Ideal for areas with space constraint.
  • Options of integrated fly screen track or adaptor for fly screen solution for both windows and doors.
  • Brush seals along the entire length of the sashes ensure sealing between frame and sash.
  • Steel reinforcements within the frame and sash profiles ensure structural stability.
  • Options of multi-point locking system.
  • Specially designed sash profiles and hurricane bars are used in areas with high wind pressures as per the design requirements.
  • Available in I -60, I -75 and 242 series.
  • The sashes are fixed to a frame and open inwards or outwards.
  • Options of French windows, Doors, Fixed,Top hung and Tilt & turn windows.
  • Double sealing with TPV gaskets for air tightness to ensure thermal & sound insulation apart from keeping out dust and pollution.
  • Can be fully openable for enhanced air flow and ventilation.
  • Steel reinforcements within the frame, mullion and sash profiles ensure structural stability.
  • Multi point locking between frame and shutter ensures better sealing.
  • Flexibility of using single, double and laminated glazing options.
  • Reduced air conditioning costs.
  • Available in I-60 profile series.
  • WINTECH delivers arch windows with width ranging from 0.9 metre to 2.00 metre.
  • Available in I-60 profile series.
  • Sliding and casement windows/doors can be combined using various types of coupling profiles.
  • Bay type of windows/doors are possible using pipe, 135 degree and 90 degree profiles.