Roller Blinds are generally used in offices but now a days it is used for home also very nicely. In this site we are presenting you few pictures through which you can get idea to give elegant touch to your office & home. With Translucent, Screen & Black out fabrics you can adjust the Sunlight according to your requirement. Various shades of colors will satisfy the needs of your interior Perfectly.


Pranay Nettings Inc offer exclusive range of roller blinds on low price best quality in huge color and textures. Our roller blinds can be operated manually by chain mechanism or by touch of remote.rb1
Roller blinds, are an easy and economical way to add color, style and texture to any decor. A popular choice, roller blinds are constructed with modern fabrics and offer simple functionality for ease of use. Roller Blinds looks Sophisticated in looking and designed to give total exclusion of light by using totally opaque fabric and soothing plain colors providing a combination of shading and privacy.

  • Simple, easy to use and can be operated manually or by touch of remote.
  • Huge variety of styles, fabrics and designs
  • Provides much needed privacy and an elegant means to control light in your home.
  • Roller Blinds will reduce the sunlight entering the room which can damage furnishings.
  • Decreases the heat entering the room and reduces discomfort in summer months.
  • Give lots of options as to positioning – half open/ half closed etc.