Why Artificial Grass

  • Economical with zero maintenance and high on durability
  • Looks & feels like real grass:alternative to natural grass
  • Ecologically & environment friendly: no pesticides, chenicals, required
  • Lifespan:10-15yrs. approximately as e-turf is made of high grade synthetic/latex yarn that ensures their long life
  • Green lawn: study:strongly & closely threaded. No fading as UV treated.
  • All season usage: no restriction on usage as it can fit in any environment and any climatic condition
  • No heavy metal, fertilizers or pesticides to harm children or pets, it’s Made out of non toxic materials which makes it kid and pet friendly
  • Can sustain heat and heavy usage and does not become yellow or patchy
  • Crate beautiful and safe landscape for all use
  • Prevents mud to follow your kids footsteps into your house